Sociology and Criminology lectures and talks at universities, colleges and schools.

Graffiti workshops at schools and youth clubs, I teach a brief history of graffiti, I bring equipment used, teach how to graffiti your name and then

Finish with warnings of the dangers  and lessons about trespassing on the railway.

Youth motivational talking for colleges, youth clubs and schools.

I share my story of going off the rails, the dangers of falling into a Street life,

Coming out of it and the success of my book and how  positive thinking changed my life.


I give expert advice and opinions on youth crime, gangs, knife crime, weapon dogs, young offenders institutions and much more.

If any media would like me to help them get in touch with the streets for their own projects get in touch.


I do custom graffiti canvases, Personalised Books And graffiti commissions 

For further enquiries and to book me 

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