Status Dogs & Gangs

"Interviews with Irish Gypsy dog fighters, shady characters that use their dogs for weapons or protection, to Muslim street gangs, hardcore London girls gangs, plus Olders and Youngers where there is a constant shuffle on who runs the show. Gritty London Life from the horses mouth". 
DJ CK The Bizniz.For me this book must be the first in the UK to be written by an insider on 'Dangerous Dogs' and 'London Street Gang Culture'. This gives a unique edge and insight on the mentality of young gang members. Never before has a reader been allowed so deep into the world of 'Dangerous Status Dogs'. Think 'Tony Thompson' and his book 'Gangs' but with an authentic REAL feel to it. Christopher Walkins Journalist It seems that almost every week the media report an attack by ‘dangerous’ dogs on some poor victim, usually a child, and yet nobody seems willing or able to look closely at this problem, or to wonder why it is happening. Justin Rollins has decided to set the record straight and explain the myths and mysteries behind the phenomena of status and dangerous dogs, as well as other urban nightmares such as street gangs, drugs and teen violence. Justin Rollins does not write from the cosseted halls of academia, he was a teenage gang leader involved in a lot of violence, this is a writer who has lived the life he writes about and speaks from personal experience. This book is unique in that it exposes the reasons and thinking of the people responsible for urban fears – the first book to do so from a person who has been heavily involved. A must read for anyone with an ounce of curiosity about social trends amongst inner-city youth. Noel ‘Razor’ Smith Author of A Few Kind Words and A Loaded Gun.

Publication Date: 17/04/2014

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Street Chrymes Book

Justin Rollins has a remarkable ability. His poems emerge not from agonising over a blank sheet of paper, but in rap-like fashion, in full-flow and in their complete form. This collection takes the reader on a journey on which those familiar with his autobiographical The Lost Boyz will recognise the landmarks. But this is fresh and captivating work. It deals with the everyday effects of disadvantage, the tensions of wealth and poverty, freedom and incarceration with glimpses of a sometimes dark past, motivational now and uncertain though optimistic future. What registers is Rollins’ eye for detail, the telling remark, the eccentric, the absurd, clandestine places and parallel realities. Much of this is driven by his years living on the streets chasing excitement to compensate for the lack of a conventional upbringing. The result is a raw journey captured in snapshots of survival, pain and the author’s travels on the Northern Line.

Publication Date: 04/12/2013

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The Lost Boyz Book

A rare first-hand account of disaffected youth. Contains countless lessons for young people who might be attracted to crime (and anyone involved with them socially or professionally). Aged just fourteen and using the name 'Sevens', the author went from being a bullied child to leader of the Warriorz, a group of London street kids involved in graffiti-tagging and other crimes including a series of violent encounters. Eventually given a substantial custodial sentence for an attack with a meat cleaver on the London Underground, Justin Rollins became determined to steer other young people away from such a life. The Lost Boyz tells the story of his descent into a form of madness in which self-destruction, anger, wanton behaviour and fear lie at the core

21 Feb 2011

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