About Me

My name is Justin Rollins and I literally grew up on the streets of London..

Coming from a dysfunctional family I started running away from home aged 10 I discovered graffiti and spent my days on the rail network with other similar kids. I then found my self a gang leader trapped in a dark place and always needing to fight to keep my respect. Me and my gang spent our time stealing, sleeping on the streets  and in and out of young offenders institutions.

Many friends didn’t survive the journey on the streets but somehow I did and found my place in the world to help others understand why kids fall into gangs and go off the rails.

I now do motivational speaking, have got The Lost Boyz into many universities and run graffiti workshops.

The Lost Boyz is now to be a major movie.

My main goals are to keep educating on troubled children’s behaviours and why kids join gangs to of course help break the cycle.

Justin Rollins 

For any enquires email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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